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Contact the Glen Ellen Forum Traffic and Safety Committee

Please contact us if…

  • You have skills/tools/interest in emergency disaster preparedness and would like to assist in continuing to develop and maintaining this emergency plan.
  • You would like to sign up to participate in your neighborhood group and have not had contact from them yet. You may be asked if you can help organize your neighborhood group.
  • You have additions or concerns regarding this information.

We would like to thank the Sonoma Valley Fire Department and the Sonoma Sheriff Department for providing training and advise. And thank you to all the first responders and citizens who helped our community survive.

Many thanks also to the Glen Ellen Forum Traffic and Safety Emergency Plan Sub-Committee and the Jack London Lodge for allowing us have our meetings in their space.

Forever grateful,

The Glen Ellen Forum Traffic and Safety Committee

If you do not want your information stored, please contact the Glen Ellen Forum directly through their website: