About Glen Ellen Ready

Our emergency personnel in October 2017 were overstretched in the catastrophic nature of the fires and wind.  There are several things we can do to assist them and ourselves for future emergency events.

  1. We can take preventative measures by creating defensible space around our homes, prepare evacuation and stay in place plans, have emergency kits and stored food and water.
  2. We can form neighborhood groups to help educate, stay informed, share resources, and help each other in the time of need.

What is emergency preparedness?

Emergency preparedness is creating “what if” scenarios and mentally responding to them, gathering the tools needed, sharing information with our neighbors, getting the training you want so you can respond as quickly and safely as possible.

Why does Glen Ellen need a Ready Plan?

In case of regional emergency, Glen Ellen could be on its own for several weeks if not more. Some emergency scenarios could cause Glen Ellen and other communities to be without assistance or resources for several weeks if not longer.  We need to have plans for medical assistance, emergency gathering places, evacuation routes, stay in place plans, food, search and rescue, and more.

The Glen Ellen Ready plan was created by the Glen Ellen Forum Traffic and Safety Committee and other members of the Glen Ellen community for promoting and practicing existing emergency preparedness organization, information and training. The goal is to bring us together, share information, help ourselves and each other so we as a community and as individuals can improve our safety for future disasters. We encourage all residents, businesses and employees of Glen Ellen to have an emergency plan.